The landscape of keyword-driven content marketing is rapidly changing. While keywords will always be important, they are no longer the only thing you should consider when planning what content you need to create. Especially if you are a small to medium-sized business or newer to the industry, you will need to generate several things beyond keywords to create the traffic you need to play with the big boys.

Here are five factors that you will need to help drive your creative content strategy. Using a combination of content creation methods will help you rank higher in searches.

Product Driven Content

Product driven content talks specifically about the products and services you offer. How to use your products, what makes them unique, and why people should want them are topics that can be relevant and unique for content.

Data-Driven Content

Chances are there are treasure troves full of data you can mine to help you create thoughtful content. Data about your product, your customers, and your competition can all help you craft unique content that won’t be found anywhere else. For example, you can publish your own research findings, conduct a survey and report the results, or provide round-ups of useful research.

Customer Driven Content

Customer-driven content seeks to help answer questions and eliminate problems for your audience. Instead of writing product-focused content about your widget’s unique value proposition, you would write about a problem your customers face that your widget could solve. Today’s consumers like a more personalized approach to content and marketing. You can use a combination of data-driven and customer-driven content to increase your traffic and conversions.

Purpose Driven Content

People love a feel-good story, and our youngest generation of consumers are hyper-focused on social and environmental causes. Create content that speaks to what your company represents, its values, and how you might help impact the community. This type of content not only gets attention but has a higher chance of getting shared.

Keyword Driven Content

There are pros and cons to keyword-driven content creation. Obviously, keywords help search engines find and rank content. The downside is that older, more established authority websites will always dominate the keyword rank for common searches. You need to differentiate yourself by combining keywords with original content that is product, customer, data, or purpose-driven in order to steal a bit of the limelight for yourself.

When thinking of your keywords, make sure to focus on long-tail keywords with lower competition and voice-search optimized keywords. Voice search is the future of keywords and keyword ranking. Voice-search takes keywords in question form and combines them with contexts such as past search history, location, and other factors to find the most relevant results.

Using a combination of different tactics to drive your content creation strategy will not only increase your traffic but help you better target highly converting traffic. Always track and analyze your content marketing results, test them, and let the results help guide future content creation.

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