Keyword strategies that seemed so important to marketers over the last 15 years are suddenly taking a backseat to other more sophisticated forms of SEO. It’s not that individual keywords aren’t still important, but the Google learning machine has gotten better at knowing what consumer’s intentions really are when they search. In 2021 and beyond, you’ll need to keep a few more strategic cards in your deck to outpace the competition.

Understanding Core Website Vitals

Core website vitals are things that make or break a user’s experience on your website, in Google’s opinion. These metrics directly impact Google search results and can be tracked in the Google Search Console. You’ll be able to monitor and improve your vitals with the data from the console.

The core vitals Google is looking at are:

  • Loading
  • Interactivity
  • Visual Stability
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Safe Browsing
  • No Intrusive Interstitials (pop-up ads)

Using Google Passages And Featured Snippets To Rank Individual Pages

While Google will still evaluate websites as a whole, individual pages are looked at more heavily now with the introduction of passages and featured snippets. Passages and snippets will take notice of clearly divided page sections that hold a lot of relevant value to the reader. To take advantage of them, make sure your page is well organized and divided into sections that could easily be mini-websites of their own.

This will lead to a return of long-form content, which marketers had been drifting away from because they were being out-ranked by shorter, more focused pages. Passages and snippets make that less of an issue and, in fact, favors the long-form yet clearly organized pieces.

Insider SEO Tip: Google’s featured snippets are generally around 40 to 60 words. You can bait Google into featuring a snippet by adding a few concise but informative sections to your webpage or blog post. Make sure your writing for a snippet is tight and packed with important information.

Visual And Voice Search Is On The Rise

The newly released Google Lens search feature has already been used over 1 billion times. While the technology is still new, it’s amazingly accurate. Being mobile friendly is a must which this search feature is exclusive to mobile devices. Make sure to include clear photos, especially if you are selling products.

Voice search means that more people are searching using long-tail keywords in question form. For example, when searching for information about dog breeds, a typed search might be “large dog breeds,” while a voice search would sound like “what are the largest dog breeds found in the US?”

Wrapping Up Modern SEO Practices

No matter what SEO trends you choose to focus on, the number one priority is still to provide highly relevant and useful information. Useful is subjective, but generally, people find content that is either educational or entertaining to be useful. Combine traditional keyword strategies with modern elements like visual search and Google passages to help you rank pages faster.

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