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Distributing A Talk Show Online

Distributing A Talk Show Online

Distributing a talk show online requires extensive knowledge of content marketing. With local podcasts, chances of success are incredibly minimal. Helium Radio offers a permanent channel and massive listener base to qualified candidates.

How hard is it to attract listeners?

Radio is a dying medium. Only 19 percent of those surveyed through a 2017 New York University’s Steinhart Music Business program stated that they use traditional radio to obtain information, down 28 percent in just one year.

Meanwhile, online platforms are booming. YouTube ranked among the highest sources of information for those ages 12 to 24 and was more popular than radio among millennials as well. Spotify and Pandora fell in just behind. With 75 percent of cars connected to digital services, even listenership in the vehicle space is under assault from the digital world.

Being online is more critical than ever to attract listeners. However, as of 2018, there were 660,000 podcasts on the air.

As with other digital mediums, customers often tune out quickly when searching for content. Only 29 percent of Google searches reach the second page of results. Experts suggest that a similar problem exists for online talk shows.

However, podcast and online talk show listeners remain loyal once hooked. Eighty percent of this audience tends to listen to every episode. Men slightly outstrip women in attentiveness as well. As traditional radio dies, the podcast audience grew by 20 percent between 2013 and 2019.

How can I reach my audience online?

Despite the shift to the online world. The prevalence of podcasts means that reaching your audience requires a direct and substantial appeal. A multi-channel approach and even some celebrity are perfect ways to grow your audience.

This is a form of digital media and requires digital marketing to remain ahead of the game. Using social media to push people to your platform, associating your podcast with a blog, and using search engine optimization strategies help. However, you must also promote your image offline.

Activities such as tweeting events are important. For some, using a mixture of visual, audio, and text to engage readers ensures a healthy listener base. Email marketing and promotions bolster an already loyal audience.

What are the costs of distributing a talk show online?

Creating a successful talk show costs less than producing a hit television project. However, hidden costs stack up quickly. Large websites can cost upwards of $50,000 per year with smaller versions priced in the thousands. SEO and digital marketing add tens of thousands to your bottom line.

If you choose to remain independent, you need to rank on the world’s largest social networks such as YouTube. Otherwise, your media drowns in a sea of content.

Helium radio takes the pain out of distributing online talk shows. Our network is deeply rooted in an enthusiastic and positive culture geared towards making our content heard. We have millions of users and an expanding need for new material.  Contracting with us takes the pain out of distribution.

Contact us today for more information instantly and painlessly distributed a talk show online.


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Distributing A Talk Show Online Distributing A Talk Show Online

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