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Influencer Marketing Gaming

Influencer Marketing Gaming

Clout Boost is a leading influencer in marketing gaming. We help gaming brands reach their audience through data-driven influencers targeting. We use our expertise and data mining technology to develop pro content and stimulate influencer campaign management. We know that data is the heart of optimization and strategy.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a form of attracting the existing community in YouTube or Twitch platform. Influencers are specialists with an ability to influence the audience by promoting or recommending the brand on YouTube or Twitch. These individuals have influence over the specific audience you’re trying to reach.

To find the right influencers is a hard task. But through our influencer targeting techniques, we ensure outreach and price negotiations with the perfect influencers. Through our data mining technology, you can access your competitors’ influence campaign achievements.

What is gaming?

Gaming involves playing electronic games or video games through consoles, personal computers, mobile phones, PlayStation, or other media. Gaming can be a hobby, gambling event, or just for fun gameplay. Now gaming has become a popular event where gamers compete and make money. For this reason, many people are creating different electronic games that need players, viewers, and subscribers.

This gaming industry has become competitive, and so the game creators need influencers to reach their audience. If you are a game creator/developer and you need to reach more audiences through influencers, then worry no more. We, as an influencer in marketing gaming, are experts dedicated to helping you achieve your vision.

Our influencer services and vision

We base our services in boosting gaming brands experts expand their reach by targeting the right influencers through our data-driven strategy. Our services include:

  • Influencer Targeting and Analytics
  • Influencer Campaign Management
  • Ambassador Program
  • Influencer Audience Retargeting
  • Influencer Marketing Consulting

Our vision comes from three realizations. We know data means money, and through that, our vision is to help our clients enjoy the benefits of their gaming brands. Our concepts include:

  • Bring in recognition by the right influencers to stimulate the launch and promotion of electronic games.
  • Excellently identify, negotiate, and enlist with the help of the right influencers.
  • Use our skills, technology, and connections suitable to matching game creators with influencers and audiences, which can build swift visibility and quick sales.

Get the right influencer and audience

Our program has customer success managers who maximize campaign accomplishment and grow ever-lasting relationships between gaming brands, influencers, and audience. We boost our clients in reaching the right influencers and millions of viewers. Be part of our successful and happy clients. Some of our satisfied clients are:

  • Nexters
  • Sony Pictures
  • net
  • Hotspot Shield
  • Freejam
  • Lilith Games
  • Plarium
  • IDC/Games
  • Play with Interactive
  • Pixonic

If you want to be an efficient and successful game creator, then you automatically need to target the right influencers and audience for steady marketing. Why struggle to find the right place for marketing your game? Clout Boost is a top influencer marketing gaming agency ready to take you to the next level. Contact us today, prepare for greatness.   

Influencer Marketing Gaming

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Influencer Marketing Gaming Influencer Marketing Gaming

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